Research Projects
The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Genoa is member of RMEI, "Réseau Mediterranéen des Ecoles d'Ingenieurs", headquartered at Ecole Centrale de Marseille ( As such, we have a committment to conceive, realize and transmit the culture of a global sustainable development, with a particular interest to the Mediterranean basin. As reported in the document Cooperation in Higher Education, RMEI is pursuing the strategic mission of fostering the cooperation in higher education throughout the Mediterranean Countries. DIMSET/SCL is proud to be part of this endeavour.

DIMSET/SCL is active in the above perspective mostly from the point of view of the renewable energies. Erasmus students exchanges are active in this field, as shown in the following references.
Erasmus Stage Report on biomass development, characterization and gasification (in French)
The Network RMEI has launched 11 Activities that are now on going. Within these Activities, DIMSET/SCL is responsible for the 11th Activity, named  Project "Resine" in connection with decentralized heat and power generation.

The list of above Activities are presented in the following :

1.- Assessment and Quality ; Project Leader : Lerzan Özkale, ITU (Turkey)
2.- Student Mobility ; Project Leader : Driss Bouami, Najib Hajoui (Morocco)
3.- Sustainable Development; Project Leader : Jean Vergnes (France)
4.- Cindynics ; Project Leader : Xavier Blanc, CCIMP (France)
5.- Company Work Placements ; Project Leader : Adel Alimi, ENIS (Tunisia)
6.- Research and PhD Joint Supervision ; Project Leader : Juan J. Perez, ETSEIB (Spain)
7.- Technology Transfer ; Project Leader : Christian Rey, Marseille-Innovation (France)
8.- Federation of Alumnus Association Networks; Project Leader : Bahri Rezig, ENIT (Tunisia)
9.- Promotion of Micro-technologies ; Project Leader : Eric Richard, ISEN (France)
10.-Water Resources Management ; Project Leader : Ahmed Kettab, ENP (Algeria)
Renewable Energies Systemic INtegration; Project Leader: Ferruccio Pittaluga, DIMSET/SCL (Italy)

More details of the 11 Activities are given at the link RMEI Actions 

Réseau Mediterranéen des Ecoles d'Ingenieurs
Sustainable Development
DIMSET/SCL is now also pursuing three European/Mediterranean Projects, involving the partnership of several Institutions and Organisations from both Northern and Southern Mediterranean Countries. In extreme synthesis, the projects are the following:

1) Project “MED-SISTER: Mediterranean Strategic Integration of Sustainable Territorial Energy Resources” submitted to Programme MED ( <>)

2) Project “REMASD: Renewable Energies Management for A Sustainable Development“, submitted to Programme EMMC Erasmus Mundus (

3) Project “MEDGRIDD: Mediterranean Grid of Integrated-Development Districts”, submitted to Programme ENPI ( <>).

More details about the three Projects are available by clicking on the link below, and downloading the dedicated Presentation “On-Going Projects” there available.